Telkom Roaming Agreement With Vodacom

“We didn`t hide the fact that because we limited investment and had rain capacity, we bought capacity from them through a roaming agreement,” Joosub said. “Seamless delivery and 4G mobile technology are new additions to Telkom`s roaming agreement, which will improve the customer experience on the Telkom network. The infrastructure sharing agreement will enable Telkom to improve the efficiency of capital and operating expenditures,” said Sipho Maseko, CEO of Telkom. Telkom has called on antitrust authorities to foil business deals between Vodacom and a mobile data startup backed by Michael Jordaan, a step that threatens to unravel a major radio spectrum sharing deal. “For 2G customers, it`s very important to also have a smooth transfer,” Apleni said. “The customer has to go through the manual setting to remove the blockage (from the Vodacom network). Vodacom is then registered as a recognized roaming partner. This is a unique trial. © 2019 NewsCentral Media Telkom said on Wednesday that it had applied to the Competition Court, which will rule on all cartel cases to verify agreements that were first reviewed in 2018 by the Competition Inspectorate, the Competition Commission and Icasa. They found nothing wrong with the agreements. Read: Cell C reaches roaming deal with MTN “The outcome of the Telkom challenge of the Vodacom Rain deals will likely depend so much on the technical details of those deals, as we understand that regulators are largely in favour of sharing infrastructure or network capacity, when it needs to be done in a way that promotes competition in the industry.” Takaendesa said. “Vodacom remains convinced that the agreements between Vodacom and Rain do not constitute a reportable concentration and do not infringe competition law.” “The roaming agreement has been implemented in phases starting in the Limpopo region and is 80.0% concluded. Apleni said Telkom customers complain of “hard transfers” from their network to the MTN network, unlike the seamless delivery that now takes place with Vodacom – because it led to call outages when they withdrew from a Telkom supply area.

Total profit had increased by 15.4 percent to R9 billion, compared to R7.8 billion last year, while total earnings per share was R5.32, compared to R4.60 per share last September. Group revenue increased 7.8 percent to R47.8 billion, supported by 7 percent growth in services revenue to R38.5 billion. The terms of the agreement will allow Telkom customers to move around Vodacom`s 2G, 3G and 4G networks, with the added benefit of seamless transfer technology.

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