Vvsd Collective Bargaining Agreement

The resulting agreement is the collective agreement, also known as the “ABC”. It is a contract that governs our working conditions. 7. Q: Where can I see our contract? A: The contract can be found on the human resources page of the VVSD website. You can also request a printed copy at the union office. 8. Q: How do I contact the union if I have a question or concern? How can I contact the union office? A: Each school building and category (paraprofessional, maintenance, security, nursing and special education) has a representative who is the “point of contact” for associated staff. This person would be a great person to talk to if you have a question or feel like you`ve been the victim of a breach of contract. In addition, the union has office space at Romeoville High School, which is occupied by the president and vice-president.

The phone number for the office is (815) 886-7254. 9. F: Contributions are a lot of money. Why do I pay contributions? Can I withdraw from the payment of contributions? A: Yes, contributions are a lot of money and no, you can`t go out to pay them. Illinois is not a state that has the right to work. Even if you are an employee of Fair Share (i.e. not a member), you still pay 100% of the dues. The reason for this is that even if you are a fair-share employee, you still benefit from the work done by the union on behalf of ALL employees.

What do you receive for your posts? The most important thing is that you have the right to vote on contracts and for your public servants, so that you can hear your voice when decisions are made that determine the direction in which your union goes. Among other benefits of membership, you are entitled to several important legal aids, including union representation in case of discipline, legal representation in case of work-related dilemmas provided by the local on a case-by-case basis, an insurance policy in case of death or accidental dismemberment. In addition, members receive Union Plus benefits for topics such as phone plans, flowers, mortgages, legal advice, and travel. 10. Q: What happened in Wisconsin, which radically changed the way teachers are treated, employed and administered? A: In Wisconsin, the teaching profession has come under fire since scott Walker was elected in 2010. Since then, Wisconsin`s unions have been to pieces. A law was passed, depriving members of the right to collective bargaining. Now, Wisconsin teachers are not negotiating salary, insurance, and working conditions. Instead, they beg them and their administrations are not forced to give in to their wishes. They have been asked to work harder for less money, and they have few of the protections we have here in Valley View. In addition, your union`s management is responsible for providing valuable information to members (in the form of newsletters, the Valley View Council website, and monthly board meetings). .

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